–2–1 and DA Pam –2–2. Applicability. This regulation applies to. t h e A c t i v e A r m y, t h e A r m y N a t i o n a l. Guard/Army National. DA PAM –2–2. Supply Support Activity Supply System: Manual Procedures. This pamphlet was completely revised. Previous procedures. AR PDF The AR updates supply policy below the national level throughout the U.S. Army. It is used in both In a manual supply operation this regulation is used in conjunction with DA Pam –2–1 and DA Pam –2–2.

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    Ar 710-2-2 Pdf

    Military Publications - Army Regulations - USAHEC arrow AR Supply Policy Below the National Level. Reference URL. Share pdf. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate DA Pam –2–1 and DA Pam –2–2 provide manual pro- (3) Employees of the. DA Pam –2–2 Supply Support Activity Supply System: Manual Procedures ( Cited in (Available at prespomattvesbe.cf pdf/prespomattvesbe.cf).

    Type of requirement codes will be used in the second and —Continuedthird positions of block 18, DA Form 2765—1, when used as arequest for issue of a major item, or in cc 55—56, DD Form 1348—6, TRC Explanationwhen used as an exception data request for issue of a major item. This includes assets transferredC—3. Use the TRC table C—2 for the third position of block 18, with the reassignment of an individual to another unit e. Table C—1 N Requisitions for replacement. Z Requisition for replacement. Used on requisitions to replace4 For issue of component major item. To be used when an Appendix D initial shortage is an authorization that is not filled. Computation of stockage quantities6 Replacement requirement. To replace troop asset that has be- Chapters 4 and 11 require computation of stockage quantities. ROs come unserviceable beyond repair capability of major claimant. The results of these computations7 Replacement requirement. To replace a washout or loss of have been put into tabular form and presented in this appendix.

    This is the timeframe expressed in the number of days from the time the PBO receives the supplies, to posting of the receipts to the property book. Turn-in receipt processing time. This data is used by the PBO to manage the property. During mobilization, the proponent may S u p p l e m e n t a t i o n.

    The management and accountability must include automatic identification technologies AITsuch as bar code, 2D bar code, optical memory cards, radio frequency identification RFID tags, contact buttons, or satellite tracking.

    The custodian ensures the recipient knows the accounting and safeguarding requirements for the ra.

    Download version 0.1 of ER 750-1-1 Materiel Maintenance Policies.pdf

    Bench stocks consist of common hardware, resistors, transistors, capacitors, wire, tubing, hose, ropes, webbing, thread, welding rods, sandpaper, gasket materiel, sheet metal, seals, oils, grease and repair kits. At educational institutions hosting Army and other Service units, one military property custodian may account for the property of all Services.

    Washington, DC 28 March Change documents for furnishings are not required to be posted to the permanent hand receipt. The MTOE unit commander may appoint a property book officer who then becomes the accountable property officer; however, the unit commander will still have command responsibility.

    The objective and the management level are to have no adjustment actions. The duplicate is kept by the personreceiving the supplies.

    When it is not feasible to have a direct transaction between the individual and a CIF for replacement of items, the PBO may allocate some stockage to the supported unit. Excesses in basic loads caused by unit pack may be kept and used. Demand accommodation is the percentage of all valid demands received which match the item on the ASL manual or automated management tool.

    Continuing balance system-expanded CBS—X reconciliation. The document CCC Condition code change. INL Inventory adjustment loss. XBHcontainers e. The document number will be the LFE Losses due to fire or explosions.

    AR 710 1 Centralized Inventory Management of the Army Supply System AR 710 2

    XBHreturn activity. PEM Posting error minus. XBTExplanation: Return of improper shipment e. Thereturning document number will be the same as the one on which the Table G—4materiel was originally shipped to the returning activity. The returning code DICdocument number will be the same as the one on which the materiel wasoriginally shipped to the returning activity.

    Code: 1ZExplanation: All other returns. Consignor will originate the returningdocument number. IC Intransit-in cancellation. Each transaction code is a three-letter combination RFTthat describes a specific type of transaction. Additional transaction same SAAS—3 area. Receipts from renovation. XBT Receipts from U. Air Force. Marine Corps. IFS Normal issue for training or combat. XBH Intransit-from cancellation. Location transfer cancellation. Transfer to U.

    NTI Normal turn-in combat. For example:Transaction Code definition Used only with a.

    A user that is issued 39, rounds of 5. XBT b. Navy XBT and turns-in 19, rounds of live 5. XBT pounds of brass 39, — 19, X. Determining the number of rounds from the weight of brassAppendix H To determine the number of rounds from the weight of brass, divideCausative Research Checklist for Ammunition SSA the brass weight by the weight factor pounds. For example, a userThe checklist following may be used when conducting a causative that was issued 39, rounds of 5.

    See para 24—52h 2 c. Subtract the expended rounds from the total rounds issuedlots listed on the folder require adjustment. Check all zeroed lot locator records for valid entries. Check the lot locator record for mathematical errors.

    Brass conversion factorsH—5. Compare the lot locator record to the DODIC master record poundsand ensure that transactions gains or losses that appear on one type Case typeof card appear on the other. Write down any discrepancies for use. The DA Form —R is prescribed. Compare magazine data cards with lot locator records and.

    When a document posting error is discovered, determine if. If there is not, make the necessary. After making all corrections, determine the need for an Inven- 5.

    Determine the dollar value of the item. Determine total overage and total shortage. Ensure that appropriate adjustments based on steps 8 and 9 Shotgun, brass Individualare begun.

    AR 710-2 Supply Policy Below the National Level

    All other brass countH— Ensure that appropriate written comments, copies of perti-nent documents, and other applicable items in a DODIC file that Appendix Jjustify the adjustment are on file. Causative research is completed. The codes in table J—1 following identify actions for guided missilesAppendix I and large rocket ammunition.

    Computing weight and quantity of expended cartridge GMLR action codescasesAmmunition SSAs weigh expended small arms ammunition car- Data item and definition Datatridges to determine if the ammunition issued to the unit was fired codesand if the total quantity of ammunition issued, less live ammunitionturned-in, equals the amount of residue turned-in.

    Use the data and Addition of information due to changes or errors Fprocedures in this appendix to compute the weight and quantity ofexpended cartridge cases. Table I—1 gives the weight for each type Combat loss Yof small arms cartridge casing.

    Do not use any other table. Condition code change EI—2. Determining weight from the quantity of liveammunition issued Deletion of information due to change or error RTo determine brass weight from the quantity of live ammunition Items expended in testing firings and other tests lot accept- Q ance Items expended in training including ASPs and troop demon- K strations and expended in firing by U. Receipt from other area or activity.

    Training event codes are either two- or three-character codes. Tables K—1 through K—5 list training event codes for institu-tional training, unit training, field training exercises FTX , competi- Code Explanationtive marksmanship, and miscellaneous use.

    Table K—6 lists suffixesused to expand two-character training event codes to three-character IMK Participation in international competition. NMK Participation in national competition. SMK Participation in interservice competition. Training event codes—institutional training RMK Participation in regional or theater competition. DMK Participation in division or installation competition.

    IMP Practice in preparation for international competition. NMP Practice in preparation for national competition. AT Advanced individual training. SMP Practice in preparation for interservice competition. OS One station unit training. AMP Practice in preparation for all-Army competition. OC Officer candidate school. OA Officer advanced course. UMP Practice in preparation for unit competition.

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