I have a pdf document that I have been using for the past 2 years that suddenly is showing "0"bytes", when trying to open the document, I get a. However, when I try to upload the PDFs on to my google drive, they show up at 0 bytes. I'm using Adobe to save the PDFs. Some of my PDFs. I have a rather odd issue with a user - they are trying to save an email as a PDF, they go through the Print as PDF option in Outlook and then.

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    Relax! Quick fixes are available here to help recover 0 byte files with ease. Just follow to see how to restore 0 byte files on your own now. it just says working, but nothing is ever produced or it says the download is corrupt.Â. Is it a 0KB or in fact a 0 byte file? If it is a 0 byte file then it isn't a valid PDF and there is nothing to see here anyway so it makes no different (and.

    Ask Question 0 I have recently begun experiencing this problem. I go to download my current bill from Verizon and, after it appears in my download folder, it contains 0 bytes. This came on all of a sudden. I had a technical chat with Verizon, before I realized that the files were 0 bytes long, and they weren't much help. They suggested my Adobe reader needed updating. I've looked into Windows 10 error logs and security logs, and there doesn't seem to anything there for the relevant time window. Does anybody have a workaround for this? Right now, my only workaround is to go back to paper billing. Has anybody else experienced the same problem, with Verizon or with some other server? Correction: Playing around with it some more, I found out the following. The PDF file is not 0 bytes when first downloaded. It's something like 18KB. It's only after I try to open it with the Adobe reader that the file length gets changed to zero. This just about rules out Edge, Windows, or Windows defender as the source of the trouble. It doesn't rule out my ISP, or Verizon.

    It work fine on an XP machine. You have to have Ghostscript installed and in your path.

    PowerBuilder should have created a PDF Printer in your printers list if it has been successfully configured and run. This post on Stackoverflow has more information on the configuration process: The results are in!

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    Unabel to convert to PDF form. It downloads a 0 bytes pdf file.

    I then added the row creation back in and started removing columns from the rows and found the precise column causing the issue.

    The next thing I tried was to enter some text into this column for that particular row. This also seemed to generate the PDF fine.

    This still had the same issue with producing a 0 byte PDF. So now I have a similar issue with images somewhere else in the PDF. So I went through the process of narrowing down which row was causing this to happen, which I found. This row itself does not actually contain an image and thus executes no Aspose functions of any kind.

    Why are my PDF files showing up as 0 bytes and unopenable when I upload them to Google Drive?

    If I set an if statement to skip this row, but uncomment the images code, the PDF creates fine again, but without that row.

    To make matters even more confusing. As it is an iOS app that is hooked into this web service. I test this on my computer and cannot replicate the problem. I did see an article where it said if you have a comma in the file name it causes issues but there isn't a comma.

    How to Restore 0 Byte Files in Windows 10/8/7? Fixes Available Here! – EaseUS

    I haven't run into this myself but just tested it and it works the same for me. Having the "Print attached files" box checked allows you to print Word and other types of document attachments directly to PDF, but for some reason graphics files only open in their editor. I did a quick search and it sounds like you either need to use 3rd party software or a macro to get around this.

    I know that if you print anything in plain text it will always show the document name in the header Can you set Outlook to receive in plain text mode?

    I would make profile reset a last resort. Have you tried to repair outlook?

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